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The Lurking Dangers of Blood Thinners in Nursing Homes

Posted in Elder Issues, Injuries, Medication

Often, elderly people are prescribed blood thinners, otherwise known as anti-coagulants, like Coumadin and several others. While these drugs can significantly help with conditions such as DVTs (deep vein thrombosis) and strokes, they also present unanticipated dangers. If you have a loved one who is on one of these medications, it is important to know… Continue Reading

False Nursing Home Staffing Levels Cause Families to Unwittingly Subject Residents to Poor Care

Posted in Documentation & Reporting, Elder Issues, Injuries, Levels of Care, Nursing Home Information

When deciding whether to place a loved-one into a nursing home, families attempt to determine whether the nursing home is capable of providing the necessary quality care. Most families visit the nursing home, as well as check the U.S. government’s Nursing Home Compare tool at Medicare.gov. Despite their efforts, some nursing homes have purposefully misrepresented… Continue Reading

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Patients: The Standard of Care of Nursing Homes

Posted in Elder Issues, Injuries, Nursing Home Information

In nursing-home neglect and abuse cases, the victims of the nursing-home negligence or abuse often suffer from some form of dementia, including Alzheimer’s, which is a specific type of dementia that accounts for 60 to 80 percent of dementia cases. Alzheimer’s is a progressing disease. That means that it worsens over time, causing cognitive and… Continue Reading

A Call for Action to Address Abuse of Older Americans

Posted in Injuries

Last month, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced a framework for tackling the challenges to elder-abuse prevention and prosecution. In doing so, the departments called on all Americans to take a stand against elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation.
The framework, known as the The Elder Justice Roadmap, directly addresses “a problem that has gone on too long . . . by offering comprehensive and concrete action items for all of the stakeholders dedicated to combating the multi-faceted dimensions of elder abuse and financial exploitation,” explained Associate Attorney General Tony West.

Never Events, Pressure Ulcers and Hospital Safety

Posted in Injuries, Levels of Care, News

I just happened upon an excellent website (http://www.neverevents.org/), promoting the value of 11 years of “Never Events” as establishing safer practices in our hospitals. This site is authored by a physician and notes that another physician, Ken Kizer, MD, former CEO of the non-profit, National Quality Forum (NQF), first introduced this term in 2001.

New Study States That Antidepressants Increase the Risk of Falls in Nursing Home Patients with Dementia

Posted in Elder Issues, Injuries, Levels of Care, Nursing Home Information

A new study confirms that a large percentage of nursing home residents are prescribed anti-depressants, or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). While in most cases, anti-depressants are beneficial to the well being of the residents, in patients suffering from dementia, they can significantly increase the risk of falls – leading to serious injuries, and even death.

Simple Tools to Prevent Bed Sores Found to be Cost Effective

Posted in Elder Issues, Injuries, Levels of Care, Nursing Home Information

While nursing homes should always look to prevent bed sores – a painful and sometimes deadly condition – a recent study conducted revealed that the prevention of bed sores is also cost effective. Foam mattresses which reduce pressure were found to be cost-effective 82% of the time as opposed to using standard mattresses. This simple change could save on average $115 per resident. Additionally, foam cleansers for incontinence were found to be cost-effective 94% of the time, as opposed to traditional soap and water, which results in an average savings of $179 per resident.

Triad Tangles with FDA on Recall

Posted in Injuries, Medication, News

Earlier this year, I reported about the potential dangers posed to senior citizens (and others) who were potentially exposed to bacteria from antiseptic wipes. Reports indicate that a child may have died from such exposure and we are aware of seniors who appear to have potentially met the same fate. Now, Federal regulators say that although the New York medical products maker promised in June to recall the product, it has since failed to launch that recall for nearly four months.

A New Way to Combat “Never Events”: Obama Administration May Penalize Nursing Homes That Unnecessarily Admit Patients to Hospitals

Posted in Injuries, Levels of Care

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have recently designated certain injuries in hospitals “never events” – or injuries that should not happen. These injuries include Stage III and IV bed sores and falls with fractures. The penalty to hospitals when these injuries happen is that CMS will not pay for treatment rendered for these injuries. The result is that many hospitals are reporting the incidence of these events has gone down, and in some places tremendously.

Certain Bed Rails Dangerous to the Elderly Public Citizen Tells FDA

Posted in Elder Issues, Injuries, News

After an analysis of FDA records, the non-profit consumer advocacy group Public Citizen sent a petition to the FDA requesting that they recall two models of bed rails produced by Bed Handles, Inc. Public Citizen claims that evidence shows that if a weak or frail elderly person – assumingly those whom would purchase the bed rails in the first place – falls in-between the bed rails and the mattress, they can suffocate to death.

Staggering Costs of Medical Errors

Posted in Injuries, News

A new study analyzed insurance claims from the past several years and noted that in 2008 alone, there were more than 1.5 million medical errors reported which accounted for over $19.5 billion. That averages out to roughly $13,000 per error.

Elderly Abuse in Nursing Homes: Physical and Financial

Posted in Elder Issues, Injuries, Levels of Care, News

By now, most of us have heard of the tearful testimony of the great Mickey Rooney in Congress, on abuse and victimization of the elderly. Here is yet another story on how abuse of nursing home residents is not only physical, but often financial. In this case, Tanya Fredrick, the business office manager at Golden Living Center, was fired after police revealed that she had been stealing thousands of dollars from the center and residents.

Protecting the Rights of Nursing Home Residents

Posted in Injuries, Levels of Care, Nursing Home Information

Many of our cases involve terrible injuries and death as a result of neglect, negligence and abuse, such as bed sores, hip fractures and assaults. However, many of our clients and their families also complain about living in nursing homes that are just bad – a lousy building, freezing in the winter, hot in the summer, residents not being changed and bathed, broken plumbing, roaches and rodents, uncaring staff, or not enough nurses or CNAs. After receiving complaints, the nursing home promises to fix these problems and don’t. What can someone do in these circumstances?

Pressure Ulcer Stages

Posted in Injuries, Levels of Care

Bed sores (also called pressure ulcers and decubitus ulcers) can develop into severe wounds that can be fatal. Wounds can at times be so large that bones become exposed inviting infection. It is not uncommon for a family member not to see the bed sore until it is serious.

Many Health Insurance Companies No Longer Willing to Pay for Treatment Related to Hospital Acquired Bedsores and other avoidable mistakes.

Posted in Injuries, Legislation, Levels of Care, News, Nursing Home Information

I recently wrote an article for the New Jersey Law Journal about the new Medicare Guidelines for Hospitals and Never Events. After some additional research, I have learned that many insurance companies agree that it is unfair for negligent hospitals to pass costs related to their mistakes along to others.

Independent Living Resident Dies After Unanswered Call for Help

Posted in Elder Issues, Injuries, Levels of Care, News

The Milwuakee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel reported this disturbing story. A woman died after bleeding to death when her emergency pull cord located in her “independent living” apartment went unanswered for four hours. Apparently the nurse aide who was working at the time shut off the sound alarm, disregarded a phone call from another resident who heard the alarm, and went back to watching television while the woman was bleeding to death.

California nursing home fined for alleged neglect in resident’s fatal fall and brain bleed

Posted in Injuries, Levels of Care, Nursing Home Information

Just because a doctor orders something for a resident in a nursing home, it does not mean it gets done – sometimes with lethal consequences. A California state investigator found that Pilgrim Haven Health Facility in Los Altos failed to install an electronic fall monitor as ordered by the resident’s doctor, and failed to make sure the resident’s walker was in reach.

Six Employees Arrested for Elderly Abuse at California Nursing Home

Posted in Elder Issues, Injuries, Levels of Care, Nursing Home Information, Protecting Your Rights

While resident abuse is shocking and disgraceful, there are times where behavior is simply unbelievable. Six employees were recently arrested at a facility where residents with dementia were covered from head to toe in ointment cream to make them slippery for the next shift as a practical joke.

Understaffing Causes Death in Nursing Home

Posted in Injuries, Levels of Care, News

An article out of Minneapolis, Minnesota last week reports of an 89-year old nursing home resident who, even with all of the proper precautions, died after a fatal fall. Despite a bed alarm, a motion sensor, a sound monitor and a perimeter mattress the resident fell in the middle of the night. Due to a severely understaffed wing, the resident died due to complications from the fall.

Profits of people and bedsores

Posted in Elder Issues, Injuries, News

Nursing home employees in New Jersey have launched a campaign informing the public about the rate of bed sores in patients residing at Omni nursing homes. The campaign includes TV ads, radio ads, Google ads, a mobile billboard and a website dedicated solely to informing people of the poor care provided at these homes.

Preventing Crippling Contractures in Nursing Homes

Posted in Elder Issues, Injuries

I found an interesting article online which addresses the recent epidemic of contractures in nursing homes.Contractures are injuries, usually sustained by the elderly in nursing homes, which limit their mobility and range of motion. When residents enter nursing homes with preexisting medical conditions they often times do not receive the proper amount of physical exercise. This decrease in regular movement leads to degeneration and increased stiffness in the joints, and ultimately leads to contractures.