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Will Tort Reform Affect Nursing Home Care?

Posted in Legislation, Legislation Watch, Levels of Care, News, Nursing Home Information

The latest tort reform measure, H.R. 1215, the Protecting Access to Care Act of 2017, would place caps on medical malpractice damages, limit attorney fees, and modify statutes of limitations. Among other changes to current law, non-economic damages in medical malpractice lawsuits would be limited to $250,000 – and juries would not be informed of… Continue Reading

Lowest Rating for Philadelphia’s Bala Nursing Home After Inspection

Posted in News

The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently inspected the 139 nursing homes that it insures. HUD gave a Philadelphia nursing home its lowest possible rating. On a scale of 100, Bala Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Wynnefield Heights scored a 2. Federal inspectors found 58 “safety and health” violations at Bala Nursing, including 37 that put residents… Continue Reading

NJ Attorney General Introduces New Program to Protect Residents from Abuse

Posted in Elder Issues, News

Just this week the New Jersey Attorney General, Christopher Porrino, and the Division of Consumer Affairs announced an exciting new program to protect individuals from the abuses of home healthcare providers. It is called the Safe Care Cam program and the purpose of the program is to provide micro-surveillance cameras for free 30 day loans… Continue Reading

New Study Shows Dementia Rates Have Fallen

Posted in Elder Issues, News

In our practice, we represent individuals, who are often diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia, and their families. It is not uncommon for individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia suffer from poor safety awareness and poor decision making. This can lead to devastating results and injuries if a nursing home does not properly care for the resident’s… Continue Reading

Grane Healthcare Brought to Task for Understaffing

Posted in News, Nursing Home Fraud

It was recently reported by ABC27 News that the Pennsylvania Attorney General Office has brought a lawsuit against Grane Healthcare and their facilities individually for understaffing and not providing basic services to its residents. More troubling is the fact that the state alleges that “Grane’s business practices are deceptive and misleading because it advertises that… Continue Reading

Forced Pre-Dispute Arbitration Gets Federal Attention

Posted in Legislation, Legislation Watch, News

Throughout the country, trusting families are signing nursing home, rehab, and assisted living admission paperwork for someone they care deeply about. These documents are technical, long, and complicated. Hidden in many of these agreements is language that significantly curtails a family’s ability to hold a facility accountable if something terrible happens – including rape, assault,… Continue Reading

New Jersey Looks to Improve Staffing Ratios

Posted in Elder Issues, Legislation, Levels of Care, News

Often, many of the problems that occur in nursing homes are a direct result of terribly insufficient staffing. This knowledge is born out in studies that show a direct correlation between staffing ratios and quality of care. Despite all of this clear evidence, many facilities only meet the bare minimum hours required under state regulation. Some… Continue Reading

Lawmakers Are Rejecting Pre-Dispute Arbitration Agreements

Posted in News, Protecting Your Rights

Our practice group has often written about how corporations unfairly use predispute arbitration agreements to sidestep the civil-justice system and gain disproportionate advantage when addressing their negligent conduct in arbitration. Often times, corporations slip arbitration clauses into the admission papers and process—at a time when the family is justifiably thinking about the loved one’s health,… Continue Reading

Pennsylvania Gets Tough on Nursing Homes for Neglect, Lying and Unsanitary Conditions

Posted in Documentation & Reporting, Elder Issues, News

In recent news in Pennsylvania, the Office of the Attorney General is suing the nursing home chain, Golden Living Center, for allegations that they repeatedly refuse to meet its residents most basic needs. Further allegations reported by WPXI include falsifying records and lying to state inspectors. It looks like Pennsylvania is beginning to catch on… Continue Reading

Moderate Drinking NOT for the Elderly

Posted in Elder Issues, News

While the risks of drinking moderately in adults is the subject of debate, a new study published by the American Heart Association and reported on by NDTV.com confirms that for the elderly, the debate is over – put the alcohol away. The study showed that alcohol caused cardiomyopathy – a condition where the heart scars… Continue Reading

Healthcare Whistleblowers, the Role of the Nursing Home MDS Coordinator, and the Role of the Lawyers in Whistleblower Cases

Posted in News, Nursing Home Information, Protecting Your Rights

Eric Dakhari, Esq., member of the firm’s Nursing Home Litigation Group, was featured on WIMG and WPHY’s Trenton Talks – In the Public Interest. The program discussed at length the rights and role of healthcare whistleblowers, the role of the nursing home MDS Coordinator, and the role of the lawyers in whistleblower cases. Check out… Continue Reading

New Report Suggests Ways for Elderly to Stay Mentally Sharp

Posted in Elder Issues, News, Practice Tips

Placing someone in a long-term care facility is a very difficult decision to make. Many times, this decision is not due to physical limitations, but mental ones. Older folks who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s may be physically mobile, but due to cognitive issues, they require 24-hour supervision. They may forget where they are, get… Continue Reading

Rating the Nursing Homes in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Posted in News, Nursing Home Information

The official U.S. government website for Medicare provides a tool that allows consumers to compare information about nursing homes. It is called Nursing Home Compare, and contains quality-of-care information on every Medicare- and Medicaid-certified nursing home in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The tool creates that information based on the “skilled” care that nursing homes provide,… Continue Reading

Non-Disparagement Clauses: Buying the Silence of Guardians

Posted in Documentation & Reporting, Elder Issues, Legislation, News, Nursing Home Information, Support & Resources

I’ve noticed in my practice a dangerous and burgeoning phenomenon. That is, the emergence of non-disparagement clauses for people who know the dangerous secrets of the worst of the worst long-term care facilities. I am finding that the vast majority of these clauses are found in assisted living facilities. These organizations appear to have very… Continue Reading

Water’s Edge Nursing Home and Liberty Royal Rehabilitation and Health Care Center on the CMS Special Focus Facility List

Posted in Documentation & Reporting, Elder Issues, News, Nursing Home Information

A very convenient tool for concerned families to evaluate nursing homes is the “Medicare Compare” website.  Included within this is a section that designates what are known as “Special Focus Facilities.”  A Special Focus Facility represents the bottom 1% or 2% of all nursing homes in the country which have demonstrated not only under-performance, but… Continue Reading

Staffing Levels Lower than Reported

Posted in News, Nursing Home Information

A new study by Public Integrity finds widespread discrepancies in actual staffing levels and those reported to the state and federal government.  You can read the full article here. I often find significant issues with the administration, management and operating of nursing homes in the cases we prosecute – things that families couldn’t possibly know… Continue Reading

Lack of Nurses in Nursing Homes Exposed

Posted in Elder Issues, Legislation, News, Nursing Home Information, Protecting Your Rights

When I began working in this field, I was astonished to realize that very few nursing homes and no assisted living facilities have a full-time doctor working there.  I found that facilities at times may be staffed almost entirely with nurse aides and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) as opposed to Registered Nurses (RN).  RNs received… Continue Reading

New Blood Test Predicts Development of Alzheimer’s

Posted in News

Alzheimer’s can be a devastating illness that we see in many of our cases. Good news from the front against this disease is that a new blood test was developed that can accurately predict the development of the disease. While not yet fully available to the public, when it is it could have wide ranging possibilities.

Pressure Sores are Preventable

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There is a great PBS interview of a former CEO who talks quite candidly about preventability of pressure ulcers (bedsores) and the misdirection of health care in America. Please click here to see that interview.

Elderly Man Dies After Being Left in Burning Sun Due to Understaffing

Posted in News

This story from Florida is both horrifying and yet not surprising. In a ManorCare facility in Florida, an elderly man died with second and third degree burns after being left out in the sun for almost 4 hours. It is another example of a stressed facility with too many residents to care for. It’s all about profit. In a drive for profits, staffing gets slashed because it’s the biggest expense. While most aides and nurses care about their residents, there is just not enough of workers to get the work done.