Protecting the rights, safety and dignity of your loved one who is about to enter or who has been living in a nursing home is not always easily done. Publications exist that can benefit you greatly in understanding precisely what rights, safety and dignity issues exist at nursing homes. The following is a list of books and videos that can help answer many questions.

1. Nursing Homes: Getting Good Care There
Second Edition
Author: Sarah Greene Burger, Barbara Frank, Virginia Fraser and Sara Hunt

2. Nursing Home Staffing: A Guide for Residents, Families, Friends and Caregivers
Author: Sarah Greene Burger

3. Strength in Numbers: The Importance of Family Councils in Nursing Homes
Video developed by National Citizens’ Coalition for Nursing Home Reform

4. 24/7: Residents’ Rights Around the Clock
Residents’ Rights Packet 2003
Developed by Julie Meashey, MAG

5. Giving Voice to Quality: Affirming Residents’ Rights in Long Term Care
Residents’ Rights Packet 2002
Developed by Julie Meashey, MAG