I am pleased to report that Governor John Corzine recently signed into law the “Independence, Dignity and Choice in Long Term Care Act.” This law is reflective of a Supreme Court decision which requires the various states in the country to offer the least restrictive setting for a recipient’s Medicaid benefits. President Bush signed an executive order reflective of this decision in order that states implement it. In sum, states must place Medicaid recipients in an environment that is least restrictive, taking into consideration the Medicaid recipient’s medical needs. From a realistic point of view, the states must offer Medicaid recipients who are capable of living in the community, as opposed to the nursing home, a chance to stay in that community. The Independence, Dignity and Choice in Long Term Care Act reflect New Jersey’s implementation of the U.S. Supreme Court decision and President Bush’s directive. For more information, concerned family members should contact the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, through the Global Options Nursing Facility Transition program (GO NFT).