Nursing Home Workers’ Unions and their representatives provide some of the best assurances that nursing home residents will receive the care that they need. All too often exceedingly low pay and difficult working conditions lead to low morale for caregivers who otherwise have the best of intentions in providing quality care to nursing home residents. Alarmingly, many nursing homes throughout New Jersey and the rest of the country face work slowdowns, strikes and other complaints from union members that the nursing home owners and management simply aren’t providing workers with the tools they need and compensation they deserve for this very challenging job. In Indiana, the National Labor Relations Board issued a complaint against a local nursing home for its failure to even allow union representatives to meet with their members at the nursing home. This type of conduct is unacceptable and, in the end, greatly interferes with the ability of caregivers to provide nursing home residents with the level of dignity, comfort and growth that they deserve. Of the 250 owned by the corporate organization which ran this particular nursing home, at the time of the reporting, only five had been unionized.