Some nursing homes are simply motivated by profit. The more residents the nursing home has in beds the more revenue is generated. This causes some administrators and case managers to engage in rather shameful behavior. For example, after forty-four years of long-term care facility, Country Manor in Dover Township recently closed its doors. Once word was out that Country Manor was closing, the facility was inundated with telephone calls by administrators, case managers and social workers of other facilities interested in taking their residents. Some of those persons arrived at the facility uninvited and began soliciting residents. Others called asking for a list of public guardians. Another administrator reputedly called requesting access to residents to distribute brochures. When told this would not be permitted, he simply walked in the front door and began handing out brochures. The entire process became very stressful for many of the residents, many of whom weren’t able to understand what was occurring at Country Manor and where they are going. Apparently none of these professionals showed any compassion or concern for the residents. Their only objective appeared to be filling beds in their own facilities. When choosing a nursing home, always keep a vigilant eye out for those who appear to be putting a higher priority on profit than on the individual residents.