If you are concerned that a loved one may be suffering from Alzheimer’s, there are many warning signs you can look for. For instance, memory loss begins to affect daily activities like managing household finances. The individual may become confused, exercise poor judgment, and begin to experience a lack of zest for life, or become lost easily. Often a person’s memory troubles progressively increase and their attention span shortens. An individual suffering from Alzheimer’s may have difficulty recognizing friends and family, organizing thoughts and speaking logically. Other characteristics may include your loved one developing a level of suspicion. For instance, he or she may begin hiding their belongings. They also may become restless, especially in the late afternoons and evenings. This is commonly referred to as Sundown Syndrome. Eventually, people with Alzheimer’s cannot recognize family members or even their own reflection in the mirror. Even with good nutrition, weight loss will occur along with the loss of verbal communication and bowel or bladder control. Ultimately, Alzheimer’s is a fatal disease.