In evaluating a nursing home for a loved one, it is advised that you go and visit the nursing home and ask yourself some of the following questions:

(1) Do the residents appear to be well taken care of?

(2) Is the building clean?

(3) Is the building well maintained?

(4) Are there any foul odors in the building?

(5) Do residents seem active or are they sitting around and appear ignored and bored?

(6) Does the food look appetizing?

(7) Do the staff members interact with you and especially the residents in a pleasant manner?

(8) Does the facility seem to be adequately staffed?

(9) Do the linens look clean?

(10) Does the staff seem to interact in a respectful manner with the residents?

(11) What is the lighting like?

(12) Ask staff members what they think of their work.

(13) Ask staff members if they are ever short-staffed.

(14) Ask the residents if they like the nursing home.

(15) Ask the residents if the staff is helpful and caring.

(16) Ask the residents what they think of the food.