N.J.S.A. 30:13-5 is commonly referred to as the Resident’s Bill of Rights. Below I have provided an abbreviated version of those rights. The purpose of this is to give you an idea of what type of rights a nursing home resident is entitled to. However, it is advised that you review this statute in its entirety and/or speak to an attorney about the statute.

Every resident in a New Jersey nursing home shall:

(1) Have the right to manage his own financial affairs;

(2) Have the right to wear his own clothing and right to retain and use his personal property;

(3) Have the right to receive and send unopened correspondence;

(4) Have the right to unaccompanied access to a telephone and the right to privacy;

(5) Have the right to retain the services of his own personal physician;

(6) Have the right to unrestricted communication, including personal visitation with any persons of his choice at any reasonable hour;

(7) Have the right to prevent grievances on behalf of himself or others at the nursing home;

(8) Have the right to a safe and decent living environment and considerate and respectful care that recognized their dignity and the individuality of the resident. This includes the right to expect and receive appropriate assessments, management and treatment of pain as an integral component of that person’s care consistent with sound nursing and medical practices;

(9) Have the right to refuse to perform services for the nursing home that are not included in therapeutic purposes of his/her plan of care;

(10) Have the right to a reasonable opportunity for interaction with members of the opposite sex;

(11) Not be deprived of constitutional, civil or legal rights solely by reason of admission to the nursing home.