One of the greatest obstacles to helping victims of abuse and neglect is the failure of nursing homes to self police. More often than not, we see a complete lack of investigation – even in light of serious allegations against staff. One way for families to overcome this is to immediately call the Ombudsman’s office for their state.

The work doesn’t end there, though. Families should remain in constant communication with the investigator. DO NOT ALLOW THE INVESTIGATION TO BE LIMITED TO THE NURSING HOME OR ASSISTED LIVING’S SIDE OF THE STORY. MAKE SURE THAT THE INVESTIGATOR GETS BOTH SIDES.

Our office has had great success over the years in utilizing these investigations to both improve the quality of care and help our clients achieve justice.

Here is a link to a helpful site which provides phone numbers for the Ombudsman’s office for each state. And here is a direct link to New Jersey’s Ombudsman’s home page.