As I have previously noted on this site, notably absent from the public debate on tort reform are three major issues:


  1. The very significant money that malpractice claims recoup annually for US taxpayers for Medicare and Medicaid subrogation liens.
  2. That profit-driven decisions by the nursing home industry effectively transfer extraordinary costs attendant to the harm they cause to US taxpayers and non-profit hospitals…and
  3. The significant cost of Medicare and Medicaid fraud borne by US taxpayers.

Here is a fascinating study by commissioned by The George Washington University, my alma mater, which estimates fraud as costing US taxpayers at least $68 Billion dollars ANNUALLY. The site points to the collection of only $3.6 billion in recoveries for fraud claims.  The nonsensical barbs aimed at consumers should be pointed toward the large corporations which are draining our system and harming patients.