John Stone, Covington-based Omnicare’s former internal auditor, has filed a whistleblower action accusing Omnicare of Medicare and Medicaid violations. Federal and state investigations and whistleblower claims have plagued Omnicare for years.


Stone alleges that Omnicare filed reimbursement claims for ancillary services that didn’t conform with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regulations. Stone also states that reimbursement claims from newly acquired pharmacies violated CMS regulations and that storage and handling of "a particular drug" violated U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations.


Additionally, he claims that Omnicare "violated certain Medicaid billing regulations relating to usual and customary charges." Stone served as Vice President of Internal Audit from 2004 until early 2010, filed his lawsuit last year in federal court in Chicago. He’s also asserting a "retaliatory discharge" claim related to his leaving the company.