I recently wrote an article for the New Jersey Law Journal about the new Medicare Guidelines for Hospitals and Never Events.  After some additional research, I have learned that many insurance companies agree that it is unfair for negligent hospitals to pass costs related to their mistakes along to others.
We first learned that after extensive studies by non-profit health related organizations, one of the best ways to improve the quality of care for patients was to prevent hospitals from passing the costs of their mistakes on to taxpayers.  So, Medicare now will not pay for treatment related to what are now called Never Events (injuries and mistakes which are never acceptable).
It seems that insurance companies agree….and many are joining in to follow Medicare’s lead.  As this article from a leading insurance website notes:

Standing in the middle of Never Event messes are health insurance companies.  Just like Medicare, they’re tired of paying for Never Events and they want hospitals and doctors to be more accountable for their mistakes.