Telling the truth about those defrauding the government proves to be lucrative for the government, who took in $2.5 billion in healthcare fraud recoupment – the highest amount ever.  This is likely in part to new protections for employees courageous enough to come forward about employers who steal from and defraud the government. 

While whistleblowers are compensated with a percentage of the recovery, it still requires nerve to come forward about a company they work for who is cheating the state of federal government. 

Nursing homes are no exception to this practice of defrauding the government – billing for services, medications, and treatments that are either substandard or not provided at all – ultimately stealing money from taxpayers.  We have seen this in things such as bed sore treatments not being given, psychiatric consults where a resident is barely assessed before strong drugs are prescribed, and therapy not being done when it’s supposed to. 

Those who come forward about these shameful practices need to be applauded.  Not only do they do what is right for their fellow citizens, but they force companies to deliver better care to their residents.