The New York Times recently reported that Congressman Gingrey has had three claims filed against him, the most recent of which involved a payment of $500,000 to avoid allowing a jury of his peers to otherwise render a decision on his conduct. I took the time to read the entirety of the appellate division decision from Georgia, which found that the case had sufficient merit to warrant jury consideration.
Two aspects of that case were both disturbing and, perhaps, telling as to what motivated this Congressman to sponsor an anti-consumer/anti Constitution bill, such as HR 5:

  1. Congressman Gingrey has recently characterized the case as a "distraction.” That distraction involved a dead baby and a partially paralyzed mother left in his wake.
  2. There appear to be allegations in the case that the congressman, then a practicing physician, made false entries into an official medical record. Specifically, although there were medical entries on two specific days that Gingrey had seen and assessed this poor woman, her husband testified that he was with his wife all day and that Gingrey never saw or examined his wife. 

Here is a link to an article that analyzes the case. The article also contains its own link to the original New York Times piece.  Each day, more and more news outlets seem to be weighing in on this story. We will post other articles as they appear.