Congress has recently proposed House Resolution 5, an extreme bill that would limit our rights and offer a handout to the medical industry by allowing it to go virtually unpunished when patients are harmed or killed. A recent report states that one out of every three hospital patients is sickened, injured, killed or otherwise harmed because of a medical error. This study is just one more, in a long list of reasons why this bill should not be passed.

Congress should focus on improving patient safety and reducing deaths and injuries. H.R. 5 does neither. If this bill is passed, the cost associated with medical errors would be placed on injured patients, their families and taxpayer-funded health and disability programs, instead of the hospitals or medical facilities which negligently let the injustice occur.

Stand up for patients’ rights. Visit the Public Citizen’s website to let your member of Congress know that you want them to oppose H.R. 5.