Recently, I had the opportunity to review a long term care insurance policy. The document was confusing and full of exceptions. It was difficult for me to believe that the people who bought the policy could understand what it said.

Even worse is when a person who has paid for a long term care insurance policy is having difficulty getting the benefits. That is what some plaintiffs in California are alleging – that the company’s claims process is "designed to frustrate and confuse policyholders with needless demands for irrelevant information.”

While long term care insurance can be terrific protection for a family’s assets if long term care or home care is needed, not all policies or insurance companies are the same.  It certainly can’t hurt to have someone familiar with insurance products review a policy before purchase.  Many certified financial planners can review policies, or can assist in purchasing a policy best for the individual.  Researching companies before buying the products is also a good idea.

Insurance is only good if it works when you most need it!