Here is an interesting article as a follow up to yesterday’s post discussing why members of Union 1199 SEIU (who are employees of Manhattanview Health Care Center) picketed earlier this week in protest of their un-renewed contracts and the potential discontinuation of their health insurance. Yesterday, Union City, NJ Mayor and state Senator Brian Stack, supports the workers, many of whom have worked at the nursing home for over ten years, are in danger of losing their health insurance if they do not renew their union contract that has been under negotiation for over a year.

“I support them one hundred percent,” Stack said in a phone call. “They deserve decent wages. These are people who work extremely hard taking care of people at various stages of their lives when they most need it in the nursing home.”

Manhattanview’s 85 employees, including nurses, nurse’s aids, and housekeeping staff, provide long-term care to more than 140 residents. The employees have had six bargaining sessions with Broadway Healthcare Management who oversees the Union City location and two additional nursing homes in Perth Amboy and Teaneck since May of 2011.