A nurse at the largest for-profit hospital chain in America recently filed a complaint stating that some of their medical centers in Florida have been performing unnecessary cardiac treatments. This complaint has lead to a full internal investigation.

To date, the investigation has shown that in addition to most of the treatments being unnecessary, in some cases, they have proven to be dangerous and even life-threatening. These procedures were taking place at some of the 163 HCA hospitals across the United States in order to drive up costs and increase profits.

Findings from the investigation has uncovered evidence from as far back as 2002 and as current as late 2010, which shows that doctors at several of its hospitals in Florida were unable to justify many of the procedures they were performing. Those hospitals include the Cedars Medical Center in Miami and the Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point. In some cases, the doctors made misleading statements in medical records that made it appear as though the cardiac procedures were necessary, when in fact they were not.