Experience shows many seniors that develop pressure ulcers begin a downward spiral in their health.  Without proper care, a pressure ulcer can develop into a mortal condition.  The wounds are painful and require surgery when large and infected.  Once the skin is compromised, it never regains its original integrity.  Broken skin presents a significant opportunity for infection, especially when a senior is using adult diapers.  
A recent article from UCLA Newsroom discusses the findings of a UCLA study of 51,000 randomly selected hospitalized Medicare beneficiaries.  The study basically confirms what most already know – that seniors who develop pressure ulcers “were more likely to die during their hospital stay, to have longer stays in the hospital, and to be readmitted to the hospital within 30 days of their discharge.”
It is paramount that when a person is immobile or sitting in a wheelchair all day that there is adequate staff to turn and reposition residents, and that the skin is kept clean and dry.