Many times, when I tell people the facts of our cases they cannot believe them.  Sometimes, the care and neglect the elderly suffer is simply stunning. 

This story from Florida is both horrifying and yet not surprising.  In a ManorCare facility in Florida, an elderly man died with second and third degree burns after being left out in the sun for almost 4 hours.  It is another example of a stressed facility with too many residents to care for.  It’s all about profit.  In a drive for profits, staffing gets slashed because it’s the biggest expense.  While most aides and nurses care about their residents, there is just not enough of workers to get the work done.

This was born out by a former employee of that facility who stated “she watched as conditions got worse over the past six years as budgets were slashed.”

The same employee went on to say “’A nursing assistant who would normally give daily care to eight patients is now up to nine, 10 or 11 patients,’” she said.  The former employee added that if it’s the night shift, an aide could have as many as 20 patients to look after.”

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