New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal is asking for the general public’s help while investigating Nursing Home facilities. There have been multiple reports of misconduct in the homes. “We’ve lost too many lives of long-term care facility residents to COVID-19. Roughly half of all of our COVID-19 deaths statewide have been of individuals who had been within the long-term care system,” Grewal recently stated in a Coronavirus press briefing. With these unsettling statistics in mind, the Attorney General office is specifically investigating any “illegal activity or other misconduct involving a New Jersey-based LTC during the COVID-19 pandemic”.

In order to gather this kind of information, the state of New Jersey has implemented the Nursing Home Misconduct Reporting Form for the public to make anonymous reports of misconduct in the nursing homes. This form includes reports of various degrees ranging from failures in communication, lack of various equipment, failure to separate infected residents and other claims in regards to insurance and paperwork. Also, there are reports of witnesses and firsthand knowledge of the misconduct itself. There may be reports of evidence if any photos and/or documents are presented. It is important to reiterate this is an anonymous-based form. The findings of this ongoing investigation will hopefully help bring more answers to light, and even save lives.