New Jersey Nursing Home

Harborview, a defendant in a case we took to trial last year, is back in the news.  During the trial, the ownership and management spoke of the facility in glowing terms – terms that were contradicted by state inspections and other testimony.  The article recounts rodent problems – and even chronicles a resident that bought

I read with great interest the recent article in The New York Times about the particular challenges faced within a growing elderly population and an alarming statistic with regard to the number of deaths caused by falls in the elderly.

A 2012 study revealed that 24,000 elderly individuals died from falls – a number that

Nursing homes, in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, must maintain enough nursing staff to provide nursing care, and related services, to their residents to maintain the residents’ physical, mental, and social well-being.

In facilities across New Jersey and Pennsylvania, front-line workers make-up the primary healthcare personnel responsible for delivering that care and service to the resident