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Many times, in the world of nursing home litigation and medical malpractice, you hear things like “caps on damages,” “tort reform,” of “medical review panels.”  These measures are presented as ways to “Stop the crisis!” or “Reign in out of control juries!”  The reality is, there is no crisis, juries are reasonable, and these measures

Acquiring continuing care–in a community setting–requires a major financial investment by both the consumer and the provider. For the consumer, doing so may involve spending most or all of a lifetime of savings; and for the provider, delivering promised services during the resident’s stay requires sound financial and actuarial management. The following will assist consumers or potential residents in considering Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC).
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The second edition of the State Long-Term services and Supports (LTSS) Scorecard (2014), sponsored, in part, by the AARP, assigned New Jersey a 26th, and Pennsylvania a 42nd, overall ranking based on performance across twenty-six indicators, grouped into five dimensions, which include (1) affordability and access, (2) choice of setting and provider, (3) quality of life and quality of care, (4) support for family caregivers, and (5) effective transitions.
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Ask any family member caring for an elderly parent with dementia about the number of medications prescribed and it’s likely to be quite a few. It is important to know what someone is prescribed and what for. A new study shows that roughly 20% of medications are prescribed “off label”. You can read an article discussing the study here.
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