Toning Shoe Injuries in the Elderly

We have noted on this blog that toning shoe injuries have become a major problem for the elderly – many of whom have fallen prey to what many consider to have been fraudulent advertising practices. The Federal Trade Commission has charged Sketchers with making false claims about the benefits of these shoes and the company has set up a $40 million fund to refund consumers who have been swindled by these practices. Click here to read more.
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We have written in this blog in the past about the significant dangers of toner shoes. These shoes, marketed by many different companies, can potentially cause various injuries to innocent consumers. These shoes are marketed as allowing consumers to obtain significant health and orthopaedic benefits simply by wearing the shoes, without the need of any additional effort. There are now significant, well-documented questions being raised about the so-called science behind these shoes.
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The toning shoe problem that we have discussed is so pronounced that a class action suit has been filed in California, outlining the very problems that we have discussed here. Among the most vulnerable consumers to the aggressive advertising of the sneaker manufacturers are the elderly – or even their concerned children.
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Although a bit off-topic compared to what we normally discuss in this blog, I have become increasingly concerned about the profit-driven risks posed to the elderly by what have become known as “toner” shoes. Multiple major sneaker companies have begun marketing “toner” sneakers that provide little or no support to the foot or legs – with the spurious claim that that same lack of support somehow replaces the need for exercise. In other words, they claim that by wearing shoes that require the use of extraordinary effort simply to stand up or walk, consumers will be toned.
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